Executive Planning

Moving from uncertainty to clarity.

What is Executive Planning?

You’ve poured a tremendous amount of work and heart into your business. Continue your dedication through Executive Planning that secures your company’s legacy far beyond your leadership. Our Executive Planning process proactively addresses the void of leadership and loss of equity which inevitably occur in the transition of key leadership.

Our Executive Planning establishes a strategy that:


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Establishes your legacy plan

Executive Planning Overview - Encore Advisors -

Builds a legacy- minded solution.

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Places products to achieve your legacy goals.

Encore Advisors will guide you through a simple process to define your plans and protect the success of your business even beyond your leadership. By planning ahead, you secure the future, long term legacy of what you’re building with relief and peace of mind.

Our Approach

We partner with other trusted advisors in your life (attorneys, accountants, etc.) to create a comprehensive strategy allowing you to structure and appropriately fund your business and legacy planning decisions.

Our Goal

To help you define and  ensure your company’s legacy by setting in place what you would want to happen to your business in your absence should it ever need to happen.

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3 Helpful Questions to Consider

This question is paramount. Are you planning on growing, selling, or handing off your business? Your ownership strategy will greatly determine your succession and planning options. 

Estate and tax laws are constantly changing. You can ensure your beneficiaries receive everything you intend through a comprehensive strategy that directs the value of your business and estate to the places you desire. 

An insurance policy is helpful but alone is insufficient for proper planning. Business owners need clear, solid legal agreements that provide specific guidance on how funds should be appropriately directed. Like a car without an engine, insurance without proper agreements can bring operations to a hault. Providing clarity and direction is a gift to those who will be stewarding your legacy.


Term Definition
Operating Agreement Legal document outlining your business arrangement.
Shareholders Agreement Arrangement describing how a company should be operated and outlines stockholder’s rights and obligations including information on the management of the company and protections of stockholders.
Disability Policy Insurance to provide income in the event a worker is unable to perform core responsibilities.
Key Man Policy Life insurance purchased by the company to insure a top executive or other critical indvidual where the company is the beneficiary in the event such loss would be devastating to the future of the company.
Buy-Sell Arrangement (Cross-Purchase Policy) A description of how company ownership is transferred and possibly a funding mechanism to do so.